This week has been straight up exhausting. Wednesday night was the Flogging Molly show at Water Street, which warrants its own post if I can find the motivation to sit down and write about it (and if I don’t, it was totally awesome). Tuesday and Thursday were bowling nights. Friday I spent the evening hanging out on floor. And yesterday, we had a barbecue.

Shane and Schmitty decided they needed to change their oil, and figured a BBQ was in order. Without anywhere to host it, they asked if they could do it at the grill next to my building. Obviously, I agreed that this was a brilliant idea. Shane dubbed it the Oil Change Cookout Extravaganza.

As it turns out, Shane was the only one that needed an oil change, but we had a hell of a BBQ. There were probably close to 25 people here throughout the course of the afternoon. We killed off about 25 burgers, 16 hot dogs, 8 steaks, a six-pack of fancy beer (James’) and a 30-rack of Miller High Life. A little before 8, the seven of us that were still hanging out went to Abbott’s for frozen custard, then came back to my place and watched Clay Pigeons. Klem and BP were the last to leave, around 1, making it an eleven-hour BBQ.

I absolutely love being on co-op in Rochester. I can waste an entire day just hanging out and cooking meat, and I don’t feel guilty in the least because I don’t have any projects hanging over my head. There are still several projects I want to do for myself, but enjoying the company of friends is far more important than making a web-based Ajax-powered newsletter editor for CSH. That can wait.

Today, I’m hanging out on floor. I may do some reading, or some coding, or maybe not. It’s beautiful outside, I don’t have any responsibilities, and I can slack off all day if I want to.

I love spring.