I love Flickr.

I LOVE Flickr.

However, I hate (with the passion of a thousand burning suns) the fact that it wasn’t made more clear to me that my limit was 100 photos. I thought I had 100 MB upload per month (or something like that) and I just kept uploading all willy nilly. I looked at my account today and saw that I had uploaded 100 photos. That’s odd, I thought. I could swear I had 100 photos last week. Sure enough, the pictures from the Dropkick pre-gaming were gone. They simply fell off the back of my account without warning.

However! Upon logging in after treating myself to a Pro account (my third birthday present to myself this year), I found all of my pre-gaming photos there, safe and sound. Flicks saved the photos and even the set (free accounts are limited to three sets). I can’t even express how happy I was to find they were still there, and now I’ve got unlimited space and can upload 1 GB a month.

If you don’t have a Flickr account yet, you should get one. I’d suggest buying a Pro account to support the developers, but Yahoo! just bought them out, so they can’t be too strapped for cash. I’m hoping they don’t go and start giving Pro accounts away for free, because then I’d feel like an ass.