This has been a hell of a weekend. Co-op has made this quarter one of the best yet. I had hoped that there would be more parties now that it’s spring, but it’s been a blast regardless. After work on Friday I made some mashed taters and corn muffins for Heewa’s swanky dinner party, which was a lot of fun. Some of us ended up at Sharon’s place for a little while afterwards. Yesterday, BP wanted to go to Canada for duty-free smokes and some Mighty Taco on the way back, so Bopp and Fonny joined us for a fun trip north. BP and I got a ginormous 3-liter bottle of Jack Daniel’s at Duty Free, so we came back to our place with some folks to watch Arrested Development and have some Jack & Cokes. ShaunJ called to tell me that a bunch of Tech Crew folks were partying at Jeff’s place, so we went over there for a little bit to hang out since I never get to see those guys any more.

I learned something last night, so I give you:

Things That Are Good But Not In This Order:

  1. Eating an El Niño Burrito (courtesy of Mighty Taco)
  2. Launching an attack on a ginormous bottle of whiskey with BP, leading to excess consumption of whiskey and, more importantly, Coke
  3. Dancing at a party, thereby shaking the aforementioned into a fervor

Today was another lazy Sunday. We went and saw the RIT Players show Twelfth Night, which lived up to all the hype. This evening, I sat around watching TV and sorting through pictures.

It’s been great. I’ve just been hanging out and enjoying the company of friends, and while I’d like to get some personal projects done, the non-existence of school work has proved to be a great stress reliever. Real life is going to seem like vacation after college.

I’m actually looking forward to work tomorrow; The Boss had me add some stuff to our website the other day, and I was telling him just how craptacular the site was and asked if I could touch a few things up. He told me to have fun, so I spent half of Thursday eliminating table and font tags in favor of divs and CSS. On Friday, we decided to overhaul the site and make it look like the new intra-departmental page that the webmaster is working on, so I’ll spend most of this week (at least) playing with CSS, HTML, and ASP. Should be better than fighting with Microsoft Operations Manager, like I’d been doing for the past month.

This is turning out to be a great quarter.