I’ve spent the past year trying to figure out what the hell I want to do after college. At different points, I’ve had plans to move to Europe, a variety of cities around the east coast, Montana (because I had never met anyone who had been there), and Alaska (for the same reason). It occurred to me recently that I could look for year-long internships around the country and sort of sample a variety of places before finding a real job. I’ve always been torn between settling down somewhere and moving around to see more of the world. Moving to Europe always sounded enticing, but I always figured it would be tough to leave behind everyone and everything I know.

In the past couple of months, I’ve started to consider the option of moving back to the Buffalo area. I want to reconnect with my family and friends from back in the day. The city isn’t great, but there are a lot of decent suburbs and good people there.

On Saturday, I met with the Technology Coordinator of my high school. He’s been saying for a couple years now that we should get together and work on something cool. Sometime in the past year, he began expanding his design business to market and promote local arts, so we sat down to talk about where he’s going and where I’d fit in. As it turns out, he’s been in contact with a few people I went to high school with and plans to build the company on their individual strengths. I do web stuff, he does design and is incredibly well-connected (I’ve learned that this is at least as important as being good at what you do), and a few more will round out the business end of it. I don’t know for sure who will be in on it, but from the names he’s mentioned, it’s smart people that I would enjoy working with.

At this point, it needs some organization and planning, but I like where it’s going. Things may work out for Buffalo after all.