Ryan and I made the drive back to Rochester yesterday, and it went a lot better than I expected. We didn’t hit too much traffic, and all the snow had cleared up by the time we got to NY so the roads were clear and dry.

Shane and Rhubarb headed down on Wednesday, spent the night at wxs’s near DC, and finished the trip Thursday morning. We hung out all day and had dinner with Casey’s mom and her boyfriend at their house that night. We played some funky version of dominoes that (thankfully) was a lot tamer than the game of Scrabble we played last time we were there.

It was an incredibly relaxing week and I miss Dan and Casey already. Throughout the course of our stay, we managed to watch all of these movies:

A couple days ago, I sat down after everyone went to bed and hacked out a quick “recent movies” section in the sidebar. The DB back end holds a lot more info than just the title, but for now, that’s all I’m putting there. I also started playing a little bit with the design, but it needs a lot of work. I promised myself I wouldn’t make this a dark-dominated site when I started it, but it sort of worked out that way anyway. I gotta get me a designer. In the meantime, I’ve resorted (mostly) to an MT default.

Oh, and some pictures from the trip can be found on Flickr.