This co-op is shaping up to be a good one. Shortly after I got to work, Nick took us all out to China Gate for lunch. It was great to spend some time with the people I’ll be working will all quarter - they’re a good bunch.

Also, I’m confident it was the best Chinese I’ve ever had.

This evening, a professor stopped in and asked me to come to his class to take pictures of the students. Apparently, this is something they do in the College of Business, because Nim did the same thing yesterday. One girl was coming late, so he asked me to stick around for a bit so I could get her when she arrived. So I sat down and listened to the first 20 minutes of class. He asked everyone to introduce themselves, and one of the students was from Honduras. He introduced himself like I might - “I’m from Buffalo, New York.”

“I’m from Honduras, Central America.”

It just sounded odd, the way he worded it.

I’m trying to adjust to my newfound irresponsibility. I still have this constant nagging feeling that I should be working on some project or upcoming paper. Not that it changes my habits, of course - I never gave in to these feelings when they were founded, why should I now? It’s just a great relief to start stressing that I should be working on something, and realize that the only things I should be working on are self-imposed assignments, projects I want to do for shits and giggles. I started my Ta-da list clone today, and got as far as making a table in MySQL for the requisite data.

I call that an accomplishment.