I think we can all agree that the Internet is pretty totally awesome. I don’t know how people found information before the web became popular and sites like Wikipedia and IMDB came into being. If I couldn’t use the web to find what I’m looking for, I’m not even sure I could figure out how to work a library to get what I want.

Depending on what information I need, I consult different web sites. These are the ones I use most often. I figured I’d mention them here in hopes that someone else can find a helpful resource. If you can think of others, please let me know, because I’m always looking to improve my knowledge base.

The Internet Movie Database Everything you need to know about movies, and I mean EVERYTHING. If you you want to know what actors Bruce Willis has worked with, you can find out. We use IMDB to settle challenges in The Movie Game. Casey once called me from Potter’s place in the Adirondacks to check IMDB and settle a bet she had with James.

Wikipedia The collective encyclopedia of everything. Users contribute to the text, so you can find just about anything you want, including my home town.

allmusic What the Ultimate Band List used to be, but better. You can find every album a song was on, all songs done by an artist, the original performer of a given song, etc.

Answers.com This site is like an encyclopedia on speed. For example: do a search for “harley davidson” and you can get info on Harley-Davidson corporation or Hells Angels. Similar to Wikipedia, but pulls from more sources.

TV Tome Info on TV shows. I mostly use this one to find out what the current episode number is for Scrubs, so I can find the video online.

Google The source of all knowledge, and usually my starting point when I want to know anything. You can look up words (define:), find phone numbers (just enter a name and city), do reverse phone lookup (enter the number), track UPS or FedEx packages, check out a UPC code, or find information on a flight number. You can find a nearby pizzeria, and with the new Google Maps, find out exactly how to get there. If you’re not using Google already, I don’t know how you’re getting anything done.

The Internet is an incredible wealth of knowledge and an amazing time saver. I can generally find information I’m looking for within a few minutes. I can’t even imagine how I would learn without it.