This afternoon, I spent like 20 minutes looking for a post that I remembered reading on Mark Pilgrim’s blog a while ago (it was during a SQL Server install, I had some time to kill). I couldn’t find it anywhere, and Google was no help.

Through an incredible twist of fate, Liz Lawley posted a link to THAT VERY POST on this evening*. I was so happy I nearly wept. That very post inspired me to try shaving with a straight blade not too long ago.

You see, Dive Into Mark was the first blog I ever read. I found it by accident in late 2002 when I was looking for some info on CSS. A Google search led me there, and I read it daily until Mark stopped writing there back in October. I felt that loss as much as any other important person who has faded out of my life. Over the course of two years, I got to know him well though his writing - I knew about his family, his friends, projects he was working on, things he was interested in, and so on. For a long time, Dive Into Mark was my only window into the world of blogging, because it was a much smaller world back then (“back then” meaning a year and a half ago). He’s an outstanding writer, and I’ve missed reading his posts ever since he quit.

One reason Mark’s writing really hit me was because of the few essays on The account of addiction right there on the front page details my cigarrette habit better than I could ever hope to. I remember quoting it some time ago on LiveJournal, during a brief attempt to quit. Through sheer luck, I had found someone with similar interests and stuggles as myself, but he could articulate it better than I could ever hope to.

I intend to include Mark in an upcoming “The Internet Is Great” post that I’ve been poring over for weeks, but I felt he deserved mentioning today.

  • Upon further investigation, I found that both and are registered to the same address. It may not appear in the Dive Into Mark archives, but it WAS Mark that wrote it and I’m not crazy.