Homemade Whiteboard

The other day, I ordered three 6’ x 18” rolls of Memoboard dry-erase contact paper. They came this morning, so I stopped by the bookstore and got a roll of 1” black photo masking tape to make a frame. It was a total pain the ass, but I managed to get it up in the living room. I was going to use all three rolls in there, but decided that a 4.5’ white board would be a little much. It looks pretty good, but there were bumps on the wall that made it a bit lumpy in spots. I’m going to cut the last roll in half and put a 3’ x 3.5’ board on the other wall in my room. Click on the picture for the full-size version (not that there’s much more to see).

Also, you know it’s been a busy week when NetNewsWire reports I have 590 unread items. Seems I have a lot of reading to catch up on. I also grabbed a couple Hunter S. Thompson books at the library when I heard about his death; I figured it was about time I find out what all the fuss is about. I’ve started (but haven’t gotten very far in) Fear and Loathing in America, vol. 2 and also got Kingdom of Fear. Fear and Loathing is a collection of his letters over the years, and a couple of his articles were mentioned. I had some time to kill the other day when I was working in VIA, so I found them on microfilm and printed them out. I scanned them and made PDFs out of them too, but I’m not really sure why. If nothing else, I’ll always have a copy of them somewhere.