Ryan and I left for North Carolina at 6 AM on Friday, just as planned. The trip down went by a lot quicker than I thought it would, and once we got past Pennsylvania, it was smooth sailing. It was pretty shitty through NY and PA, but there was no snow south of Maryland. The traffic wasn’t too bad, so we made it in about 11.5 hours, including a stop for lunch and a quick run into Walmart because I had forgotten to bring shoes.

Not long after we arrived, we went to dinner at a bar and grill called Tyler’s. Apparently, bars have to be members-only if less than 40% of their revenue comes from food or some such. Casey’s boss from the print shop has a membership to a bar here called Orange County Social Club, so we went there with her afterward for some drinks. It was a cool little place, bunch of trendy artsy hipster types.

On Saturday, we were making breakfast when Dan said we should each drink a six pack and make bottle cap coasters like Sharon has. So we went to Michael’s and got some acrylic and each of us picked out a six pack at the grocery stores. Only Dan and I managed to get through them that night, but Ryan and Casey finished up on Sunday, so we’re going to make the coasters tonight.

Yesterday, we made the 300-mile round-trip to the beach. It was freezing and really windy, so we didn’t stick around long, but it was cool because I’ve never been to the ocean. I even saw palm trees! We got some dinner at Cracker Barrel and came back here to watch the Academy Awards.

It’s been a relaxing weekend. We’ve just been hanging out, watching movies and playing with the dogs. I guess Rhubarb and Shane might come down in a day or two; James and Patrick had to back out for some reason, and Shane didn’t come down the other day like he was planning to. I wish they had all come along, but we’ve been having a hell of a time anyway.

Tree Hugger