Over the past several weeks, I’ve noticed that RIT has been replacing paper towel dispensers and some older hand dryers around campus with these new, high-powered XLERATOR dryers. While I prefer paper towels for my hand-drying needs, these things are way more effective than the paltry dryers of our forefathers.

Somehow, these things came up in conversation the other day with someone (I can’t remember who - maybe Heewa). RIT has been putting stickers on them that say “This dryer has been installed to cut down on waste in support of RIT’s commitment to the environment” or some such. Whoever it was I had been speaking with speculated that the power necessary to run these things just might use up more resources than paper towels would waste. An interesting concern, but I have no idea how one might address it. Lucky for us, their website says they use 80% less energy, so we can all be satiated and content with our hand-drying situation.

Also, I haven’t been able to verify this, but I’ll bet that all the stickers are still on the ones in ladies’ rooms. The dryers come with an arrow-shaped “FEEL THE POWER” sticker on the front that points down at the nozzle. The ones in the men’s rooms quickly disappeared when guys realized that the stickers would be much funnier stuck to the front of their pants.