Saturday afternoon, Brie, Kidder, and I took out all the trash that had been accumulating in our pantry for the past couple months. Housing had asked everyone to park elsewhere that day so that the lot could be completely plowed. As we tried to work our way to the dumpster, one big earth mover, a couple little John Deere tractors, and at least 4 pickup trucks were flying around the lot, plowing snow into the grass. It took be a couple minutes to work my way across the lot without being hit. Trucks were flying all over the place, just narrowly missing me, each other, and the cars that hadn’t been moved.

Kidder was standing there by our building, just watching. “Ya know,” I said, “this reminds me of our hockey games. Everybody’s doing the same thing and trying not to run into each other.”

Kidder replies, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses a Subaru.”