Saturday night, I wandered over to the Field House for the Dane Cook show. I wasn’t working it, but tickets were sold out so I got me a Tech Access pass. Jym and Derek got three seats in the front row and offered me the third one, so I even got to sit right up front.

The opener was Jay Davis, a friend of Dane’s. He had a lot of funny material, but his delivery kind of sucked. It just wasn’t funny the way he said it, I guess.

Dane was a lot funnier than I expected him to be. I had only seen his Comedy Central Presents show and heard one of his CDs, and they were pretty funny but it seemed like he was trying too hard to be over the top. This show was toned down significantly and I think a lot of the jokes were better-developed. He didn’t stand there going on and on about the dish he was washing when he heard the accident. He still did a lot of jumping around and yelling, but I think it contributed to his act a lot better this time around.

Of course, I may be biased towards this show because I was close enough to spit on him (thanks again, Jym).